Which are the films that Martin Scorsese has written?

Which are the films that Martin Scorsese has written?

Jul, 31 2023

Martin Scorsese: Master of the Silver Screen

Settle in,, and let me share with you an intricate web spun by an icon of modern cinema. Picture your humble narrator, Buddy the Beagle by my feet, Marmalade the Tabby cat stealthily stealing popcorn, as we embark on a cinematic journey through the written works of none other than Martin Scorsese. Whether it's crime or religious controversy, Scorsese has written it all with a finesse that leaves audiences transfixed. Let's delve deeper into this creative ocean, gripped firmly by the maestro's pen.

Streets of Mean: An Urban Chronicle

Unfurling the first chapter in our saga, we find ourselves surrounded by the gritty cityscape crafted by Scorsese's writing. When one speaks of Scorsese, there's a film that briefly suppresses the heartbeat of every cinema lover. A genre-defining masterpiece, 'Mean Streets.' Released in 1973, Scorsese not only directed it, but co-wrote this film alongside Mardik Martin. The movie, steeped in authenticity, draws heavily from Scorsese's real-life experiences, growing up in Little Italy, New York. These experiences lent an unforeseen depth to the characters, making the narrative visceral and resonating. Who knew the streets could be so mean?

The Last Temptation of Scorsese: A Spiritual Venture

When one treads the path less travelled by filmmakers, a religious narrative specifically, wrestling with faith and doubt; the image that surfaces in one's mind is Scorsese's controversial yet thought-provoking, 'The Last Temptation of Christ'. Like Mean Streets, 'The Last Temptation of Christ' was also co-written by Scorsese with Paul Schrader. The film sparked religious outcry upon its release in 1988. Its premise of exploring the human side of Jesus and his struggles against various forms of temptation was incredibly bold, and beautifully crafted through Scorsese's wordmanship. Rest assured, this film remains an integral part of my Sunday afternoon movie marathons.

The Wolf of Wall Street: A Financial Rollercoaster

Let me narrate an anecdote from my life, it's one of those stories that seems innocuously small, but holds a dear place in my heart nonetheless. Upon the release of 'The Wolf of Wall Street', my pals and I took the customary visit to the cinema. Whilst the others got swept by the razzle-dazzle of Jordan Belfort's exploits, I sat there watching Scorsese's writing play out, captivated by his amazing ability to weave such a complex narrative with intricate detail and explosive emotion. Needless to say, my movie analysis caused me to miss out on the post-movie pizza, but no regrets!

Silence: Scorsese's Passion Project

The journey through his written work brings us not to a conclusion, but a monumental testament to his abilities as an artist. Scorsese's 'Silence', a passion project in the making for nearly three decades, marks his return to the religious narrative, albeit in a vastly different setting. With Jay Cocks, he pens an agonizing tale of faith under trial in the backdrop of 17th century Japan. It's a slow burn, but a story steeped in philosophical depths one cannot ignore.

Carving a Niche: Shaping Cinema Universally

The beauty of Scorsese's writing extends far beyond the films he's worked on. He, as a writer and director, has shaped Hollywood and world cinema in more ways than we can fathom. The moving image has been, in my opinion, exalted by his contribution and continues to push the realms of artistic possibilities.

Embarking on this journey through Scorsese's writing works, Buddy snoozing beside me and Marmalade pawing at the remote, has not only cemented my admiration for this stoic figure of the film world, but also ensures that many more popcorn filled evenings are ahead of us. Here's to Martin and us, the fandom! May our love for his masterpieces never 'Fade to Black'!